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Prior Board Meeting

The International Foundation for Ewha Womans University held its 43rd Annual Board Meeting November 2-3, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel Metrotown, Burnaby (Vancouver), Canada.

Present were 16 Board members and 6 Honorary Board members. Many members were unable to attend due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy on the US East Coast. From Korea, Dr. Sun-Uk Kim (President of Ewha Womans University), Mrs. Jong Nam Cho (President of Alumnae Association of Seoul Headquarters), Dr. Dong-Sook Park (Dean of Office of University Relations and Development), Dr. Young-Sook Nam (Vice Dean of Office of Global Affairs), and Ms. Julie Ja Won Kim (Secretary) attended our board meeting.

The President’s Report was presented by the President Bishop Sharon Z. Rader. The Annual Report from Ewha University was presented by the University President, Dr. Sun-Uk Kim. Both reports are available at the Foundation office.

Important issues and main points discussed in the meeting:

  1. Mr. Mark Gaston (New York) and Mrs. Susanne Stevens (California) resigned from office.
  2. Dr. Marc Mullinax (North Carolina) and Ms. Charlotte Sloan (California) was nominated as the new vice president and the secretary, respectively.
  3. Dr. Ted A. Campbell (Texas), Mrs. Seungsoon C. Konarska (Detroit, MI), Dr. Betty S. Mitchell (Chicago), and Ms. Tuckie Yirchott (California) stepped down from the board after their dedicated service to the foundation.
  4. Ms. Soyoung Lee (Virginia), Mr. Timothy J. O'Brien (Florida), and Bishop Mary Ann Swenson (California) were nominated and elected as new board member.
  5. During the fiscal year 2012 (October 1, 2011-September 30, 2012), the total amount of gifts the Foundation received was $365,000, and total amount disbursed to the University was $444,504.55, which included $255,465 as scholarship and $189,039.55 for other University purposes.
  6. Dr. Chang Hyun Shin Geer has been researching and writing about history of the Foundation. The history book titled River of Faith: A Historical Perspective of the International Foundation for EWHA Womans University was published in 2012.
  7. The foundation proposed and adopted an investment policy, which will establish objectives and allocation policies for the Board.
  8. As recommended by the Task Force, the bylaws will be revised and adopted in year 2013.
  9. The IECE Committee decided to leave more cushion money when disbursing scholarships for the year 2013 due to the financial forecast of the market.
  10. Also as proposed by the Task Force, the committee will be restructured.

Future Board Meetings
2013: October 25-26 — McLean, VA

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