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Fund News

Recently Established Funds

Barbara Eunok Yang Choi Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in November 30, 2011 by Mrs. Barbara Eunok Yang Choi (Fiber Arts ’69). With the original gift of $10,000, this permanently restricted scholarship fund will be used to assist students in the college of arts and design in Ewha. Thanks to her outstanding generosity, the scholarship has a goal amount of $100,000 and is part of Helen Kim Leadership Society.

Yun Ae Kyun Scholarship Fund
With the original gift of $5,000, Dr. Hwain Chang Lee (Psychology ’69) established a scholarship fund on November 28, 2011 in honor of her mother, Mrs. Yun Ae Kyun. This general scholarship fund, which will aid needy students in Ewha, is permanently restricted. Dr. Hwain Chang Lee has gratefully pledged that additional monetary gift will be made even after the goal amount of $50,000 has been reached. Dr. Lee’s own scholarship fund has reached its goal amount of $100,000 in 2011.

Yun Hee Park (’68) School of Pharmacy Fund
Mr. Donald Foren and Mrs. Yun Hee Park established this permanently restricted scholarship fund to assist needy Christian students of Ewha, majoring in pharmacy and pharmacology. It was established on September 27, 2011, with the original gift of $1,050 and the pledge of additional $10,000 within 3 years to meet the required condition. Goal amount will be decided later.

Funds Disbursed to Ewha
Foundation Assistance to Ewha (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012)$
Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship7,500
Byung Joon & Bok Hyung Lee Scholarship3,000
Campus Master Plan17,500
Chang Hyun Shin Geer Scholarship5,000
Chun Hi & Joseph Crivello Scholarship3,000
Dorothy Smith Estate for Library8,540
Dr. Hae Soon Lee Scholarship for Medical School1,500
Florence M. Trull Memorial Scholarship2,500
Grant for Summer School1,200
Hak He Rhee & Chong Soo Pyun Scholarship16,245
Harriet P. Morris Memorial Scholarship7,500
Heeyul Lee Cho Scholarship2,500
Helen Kim Memorial Scholarship5,000
Henrietta Gibson Ladden Memorial Scholarship5,000
Heung Sook Kim MD Scholarship2,500
Hong, Kyung Joo Scholarship5,000
Hyun Sook Ryu Nursing Scholarship60,000
Initiative Ewha - Paju Project2,000
Inwha Oh Ahn Scholarship20,000
John D. Yun Scholarship2,500
Kathryne B. Sears Memorial Scholarship5,000
Keun Hee Park Lim Scholarship2,500
Kilchai K. Yim Memorial Scholarship2,500
LA YoungNak Church Alumnae Scholarship1,000
Mamie Lee Finger Memorial Scholarship2,500
Marian Sharrocks Intemann Memorial Scholarship5,000
Marion Conrow Memorial Scholarship2,500
Medical School Research Fund10,000
Myung Soon Woo Chung Scholarship5,000
New York Alumnae Scholarship10,000
Okgill Kim Memorial Scholarship5,000
P. William Lee Scholarship2,500
Pfeiffer Fund30,000
Sadie Maude Moore Scholarship2,500
San Francisco Alumnae Scholarship5,000
For School of Music5,000
Seattle Alumnae Scholarship2,500
Seabury Visiting Scholar Program9,000
Shin Hyung Kim Memorial Scholarship2,000
Sollie E. McCreless Memorial Scholarship2,500
Sook Hyun Lee Scholarship7,500
Southern California Alumnae Scholarship5,000
SunBaeRaMen Scholarship30,020
Susan Ruby Lamb Memorial Scholarship2,500
The Whilsmith Memorial Scholarship2,500
Washington DC Alumnae Scholarship5,000
Dr. Young-Hee Lowe Scholarship3,000
Young Za Kim Scholarship15,000
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